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guide of CHARMING VILLAGES IN AVILA & gastronomy

Visiting the most traditional charming towns in Ávila is a plan that cannot be missed during your stay in a hotel in Ávila like Hotel Don Carmelo. Ávila is not only a charming city, but also its entire province. For lovers of gastronomy, history and traditional culture, the province of Ávila is a really interesting place to organize an excursion, taking the capital as a starting point, to visit in one or two days the charming towns in Ávila that we recommend in this guide.

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In this guide we present the visits that we always recommend to our guests and that are located less than an hour and a half from the hotel so that you can organize your excursion taking the capital as a starting point.


54 minutes from the hotel

We begin the list of charming towns in Ávila with one of the most visited for its historical past, Madrigal de las Altas Torres.
Located in the Moraña region, it has two Mudejar-style churches and beautiful Renaissance coffered ceilings, but what makes this town a unique place is the fact that it is the birthplace of Queen Isabel the Catholic. You can visit the Casa Museo de Isabel la Católica and explore its cobbled streets and quiet squares.

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39 minutes from the hotel

We continue the route of charming towns in Ávila without leaving the Moraña region, visiting its nerve center, Arévalo. Furrowed by the Adaja and Arevalillo rivers, its waters have seen the passage of Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians. Worthy of mention is the Alcocer arch and the bridge that crosses the Arevalillo river, a heritage from the Arabs or the Romanesque and Mudejar-style churches.

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One hour and 29 minutes from the hotel

This beautiful town, which gets its name from the night lights that illuminated shepherds and charcoal burners, is a perfect visit for lovers of historical heritage and hiking trails in nature.

The most striking is the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Chilla and the area of ​​El Raso, with its pre-Roman castro vetón.

Being ssituated in the Valle del Tiétar, Candeleda is a town surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes. It is a popular destination for hiking lovers and offers various routes in the Sierra de Gredos.

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One hour and 14 minutes from the hotel

We continue in the Valle de Tiétar area to visit one of the charming towns in Ávila that you cannot miss if you want to take a walk through nature and observe the blossoming of the cherry trees in the capital of the region.

Located at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos, Arenas de San Pedro is a charming town with a medieval atmosphere. You cannot miss a visit to the Roman Bridge, the Castle of the Sad Countess, the Castle of Constable Dávalos, which offers beautiful views of the area, and the Palace of the Infante Don Luis de Borbón.

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EL tiemblo

43 minutes from the hotel

We finish the route of the charming towns in a famous and highly visited place for housing a sculptural-historical ensemble as emblematic of pre-Roman Spain as the Toros de Guisando, which It dates between the 4th and 3rd century BC. C., during the Iron Age.
The other visits that cannot be missed in Tiemblo are: The Church of San Esteban, the Hermitage of San Antonio, the Plaza Mayor. Besides. If you are a lover of plans in nature, we recommend you visit the Bosque de los Espejos, a beautiful pine forest in which the numerous puddles and lagoons create a mirror effect.

Pueblos con encanto en avila gastronomia tiemblo
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gastronomy: the most traditional recipes that you have to try

The province of Ávila has a rich gastronomy that reflects tradition and local products. The route through the towns of the province is an ideal time to taste these recipes with which to discover traditional culture through its flavors. Here are some typical dishes and products that you must try when you visit Ávila:

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Avila T-bone steaks

The cattle from which they come is characterized by almost never being stabled and the great breeders in our area, being winners of great recognitions and prizes.

Pueblos con encanto en avila gastronomia patatas revolconas

Revolcona potatoes

Revolcona potatoes are a humble but delicious dish. It consists of mashed potatoes with garlic and paprika, which is usually accompanied by bacon or bacon.

Pueblos con encanto en avila gastronomia judiones

Baco de Ávila beans

They are characterized by being very tender and buttery, and are used in the preparation of a stew that usually contains ingredients such as chorizo, black pudding, bacon, ham bone, onion, garlic, pepper and spices.

Pueblos con encanto en avila gastronomia yemas

yemas de santa teresa

We end with this traditional sweet from the city of Ávila. They are made with egg yolk and sugar, and are presented in small portions.

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charming villages in ávila that we recommend you visit to make your stay in the city an even more special experience and discover the culture and tradition of the area through its gastronomy and heritage